Half-way Done

It’s here, June 30. Half-way through the 2017 year.  Where has it gone?  One day at a time.

Did you have any specific goals you are planning to accomplish in 2017?  If so, better get on it, if you plan to succeed.  Just as quickly as this half-way point has arrived, so will the completion of 2017 be upon us, in just a few blinks of the eye.

Did you plan to read a few good books?  Have you read one yet?  You can do it….One page at at time.

Did you plan to lose weight? Have you lost that first pound yet?  You can do it…one step at time, one healthy food choice at a time.

Did you plan to spend more time with family?  Have you had that first sit down time yet? You can do it…one put down of our electronic devices at a time.

Go ahead today, make one step towards that goal that you’ve been planning to accomplish for these past six months.  Then tomorrow, make another step, and the next day, and the next….pretty soon, you’ll be saying “Wow! That was pretty easy once I just got going!”

Best of Blessings on your working of your plan.

book halfway read


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